20 Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Mattress


People spend more time on their bed than on any other piece of furniture in their home. It is like a source of relief and comfort. A good night’s sleep has a refreshing and re-energizing effect. That’s why mattress selection is quite an important shopping exercise.  If you are planning to buy a new mattress, take the time to read up on several important things you should know before buying one.

1. Focus on comfort. The most important thing to consider is your own comfort level. Even if you buy the most expensive mattress, you won’t have the best sleeping experience of your life if you’re not comfortable on it. To find a mattress you’re comfortable with you need to consider several other factors, like the size, firmness and type of materials used in the mattress.

2. Don’t look for one mattress that is the best for everyone. Look for your own best mattress. Remember to look for a mattress that’s best for you, not the mattresses that the experts hail as the best ever on the market.

3. Find the right size for your needs. If you feel restricted by a narrow bed, then you need a more spacious double bed. A queen size may be a bit large for an individual person, but it’s great if you like the extra space. King-sized or California king mattresses are made for partners and for master bedrooms and offer plenty of space for couples.

4. Firmness labels are not accurate. When it comes to firmness, don’t believe the labels firm, medium firm, and extra firm. One brand’s extra firm may be equivalent to another brand’s medium firm option. You can’t trust these labels completely.

5. Test the mattress. This is why you should personally test the mattress first. Most mattress and bed shops will allow you to lie down on the mattress so you can test it.

6. Read consumer mattress reviews when buying online. This gives you a more practical idea of the popular mattresses currently available and allows you to narrow down the huge field of choices.

7. Firmer is not better. You need just enough firmness to properly support your spine and other parts of your body. But excess firmness can cause uncomfortable pressure points and prevent your spine from maintaining its natural curve while you sleep.

8. Softer is not better. Too much softness will sag under the middle area of the spine, which can cause poor posture and lead to back pain.

9. An adjustable air bed is a safe but expensive option. Since you can adjust the firmness and softness with a remote, you’re safer even without first testing the mattress.

10. Multi-zoned beds make good alternatives. If you find adjustable beds too expensive, you can go for mattresses with different support zones. Hunt for a mattress that is softer at the hips and shoulders, but firmer at the mid-spine area.

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